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Delivered, Available Now!

The BGP's final album, Delivered, is available now!
Preview some of the album's material
in this live video from The Spire in Plymouth, MA:

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March 2017

BGP Friends, Fans, and Droppers-In,

This is the last newsletter for the BGP, at least the last one while the band is still in play. Saturday, March 11 is our swan song, after which time our esteemed gal singer leaves for points West. The rest of us...well, most everyone has at least one iron in other musical endeavors: Taylor plays with Barnstar!, an occasional touring supergroup which also includes his son, Jake, on fiddle. Paul continues to play with Willa Mamet, usually doing a Spring swing out West and some Fall dates back East. Kirk is in a new bluegrass band called Northern Flyer which is gathering steam in the Vermont area. Steve has signed on with a Plattsburgh-based bluegrass quartet called Beartracks that plays all over the place. All are worth looking up and befriending. One can't have too many musical acquaintanceships.

Not much more to say that hasn't already been said about the BGP disbanding, the final few sold-out shows, the new (and last) recording just released, and the big shindig at the Vergennes Opera House. So we'll just leave it that we thank you again for your interest in our music. It's been our privilege for the past 16 years to play to such wonderful audiences in such wonderful places. Yep - it's kinda sad, but it's good to know when to go, and to go out on a high note! We'll miss playing for you. You can always stay in touch via our FaceBook page, where sporadic BGP-related items of potential interest will be posted.

In the meantime, keep your cool, keep the faith, and keep in touch!

Harmoniously Yours,
Colby, Taylor, Paul, Steve, Kirk, and Gene / BGP

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