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October 2016
Greetings BGP Friends & Fans,

September sure did vaporize! We had some terrific concerts, saw old friends, made new ones--it was a grand month! October has the BGP in Massachusetts (10/1), and Connecticut (10/14), after which we have a brief hiatus before our perennial end-of-year concerts at the Vergennes Opera House (11/19), and First Night Burlington on New Year's Eve.

Speaking of return engagements, lately we have spoken with so many folks who tell us how they first heard us at one or another of our annual appearances, how they've been coming back each year bringing friends along whom they introduce to the BGP's music. The expressions of appreciation for our performances is truly the thing that keeps the BGP going--and they seem so glad to be able to turn their friends on to our music! There was one fellow at our recent Essex, NY concert (big fund-raising success, btw) who said his friends had been trying to get him to a BGP concert for years. When he finally made it, he said now he's kicking himself for all the BGP concerts he missed. Pretty sure we'll be seeing him again! Remember our old slogan, "Friends don't let friends miss a BGP concert." It's true! So bring a friend along next time you come see us--we'll all be glad!

Harmoniously Yours,
Colby, Taylor, Paul, Steve, Kirk, and Gene / BGP

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